About nurture groups

A nurture group is a small class of eight to 10 children. They spend a substantial part of each week in the group but remain part of their mainstream class. Each group has two specially-trained staff members, a teacher and an assistant. Their task is to model courteous and supportive behaviour while making the children feel accepted and valued. There is a great emphasis on communication and the group eat breakfast together. More than 80 per cent are ready, after less than three school terms, to return to their mainstream class.

For more information on Nurture Groups and for details on how to donate or become a member of the Nurture Group Network please visit www.nurturegroups.org

We are currently in production on a special educational edition of the DVD which will include more indepth interviews and further case studies. Details to be announced shortly.


This is how the children describe it:

  • ‘It’s a place that mostly calms you down, it helps you and it gives you more ability. ‘
  • ‘Somewhere, where it could help support children with like anger and issues.’
  • ‘It’s not just for anger it’s for like you’re shy when you’ve just joined a new school.’
  • ‘I think the purpose of the nurture room is for children who don’t do their work and for children who just go off on one’
  • ‘They tell you to go to the calm places. Take deep breaths and go and sit on the couch and count to ten and then when you’re ready go up and say that I’m calmer and all that.’
  • ‘Just try and get all the bad thoughts out of your head.’
  • ‘God made the room’