The Campaign

For almost 40 years, Nurture Groups have offered an effective, immediate and economical way of helping troubled young children overcome their problems and get the best that they can out of school. There is vast, empirical evidence that shows how successful Nurture Groups are in terms of improving a child’s behaviour, social skills, self-confidence and academic attainment. They benefit the school as a whole by taking away the disruptive elements of a mainstream class and allowing the teacher to teach. And they offer society huge savings in terms of the educational and youth support services that are no longer necessary. Most importantly, they transform the lives of the children and families they support.

So why isn’t there a Nurture Group in every school in the country? Why do schools across the country find it so hard to access funding for such a proven early intervention?

This film offers a powerful and emotional insight into how Nurture Groups can really make a difference to the lives of young children and their families. In partnership with the Nurture Group Network we want to bring the full potential of Nurture Groups to light. We want a Nurture Group in every school that wants one. Please support our campaign and sign up to our mailing list to receive further information on ways you can help.