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The Nurture Room - Showing Tuesday 18th January at 10pm on More 4


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"Shot with a creative and precise eye for the story at hand, Matt Pinder's instantly engaging film visits aGlasgow institution that provides a safe haven for troubled primary school children...." Mail, 15.01.11

"...Affecting, intimate and inspiring..." Time out, 13.01.11

"...First-rate documentary..." Mail on Sunday 16.01.11

"Emotionally affecting documentary..." Guardian, 15.01.11

"Another powerful and compelling documentary from the True Stories strand..." Total TV Guide, 15.01.11


See The Nurture Room on the big screen

  • The Edinburgh Filmhouse – Thursday 16th September at 5.45pm with Q&A
    The Screening in Edinburgh was a huge success. One of my first ever jobs was as an usher at the Filmhouse so to go back their with my first feature length film was a bit of a moment for me. Thanks to everyone who was there and for all your lovely feedback. It totally sold out and I know there were a number of people who came down but couldn't get in so apologies about that. Hopefully we can return for a second outing at the Filmhouse in the not too distant future.
  • The Glasgow Film Theatre – Monday 4th October at 6pm with Q&A

We've won an award!

The Nurture Room was awarded Best Long Documentary at the Scottish Mental Health Art and Film Festival 2010!

Matt Pinder BBC Radio interview

Listen to the audio here

The Buzz

The film was officially launched last month at a major conference on Nurture. So far, only a handful of people have seen it. We showed a preview of the film at the conference to a group of teachers and education professionals. This is what they thought...

  • "Brilliant/powerful piece of material... Proof that nurture is so important."
  • "A really important/valuable film, I will use it in training with school staff."
  • "Brill! It provided inspiration to continue Nurture Group work."
  • "Inspiring, paid my £25 for DVD after seeing preview."
  • "I was really impressed by the way he dealt with the subjects sensitively."
  • "I’ve bought the DVD as I wanted more!"
  • "Heart warming to see what a huge effect nurture can have on a child."
  • "Reflects all nurture principles and difficulties experienced by staff."
  • "This is typical of what I have seen over the last four years."
  • "Inspiring and sensitivity made film."
  • "If a picture can paint a thousand words – what about this film?"

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