All of the children we followed in the making of this film have made huge progress as a result of the time they’ve spent in their Nurture Rooms. It’s important to remember however that Nurture Groups do not create Stepford children who will be impeccably behaved forever more. This is something that the Nurture Group teachers are very keen to point out. Like any child in school they will have good days and bad days, they’ll get into scrapes and still struggle with certain aspects of their education. What you will invariably find is that they will want to be at school now, that their sense of self worth will be greatly improved and that they will be happier.

The three children whose stories are at the heart of the film continue to thrive in their schools. Jordyn has recently started in secondary school and has coped well with the massive change. Jamie is now in P5 and is fulltime in his mainstream class.

Jason has started his final year in primary school. He gets support from the classroom assistant and is relishing being in mainstream education.